Body-mind hack #10 – Emotions

Remember from last post that...

Awareness loves being aware

When we step back in our mind and observe the whole mind, we give awareness what it wants.


What's this?

Yucky feelings? Physical pain? Emotional pain? 

Notice how you don't want to be aware of... those things... in you.

The presence of these doesn't mean anything is wrong, or meditation isn't working.

Rather the trick is to adopt an attitude that makes it okay that those things are there.

And then double-down on choosing for your meditation training.

Always choose again. 

Because I want you to see that if you do, if you fully commit to transforming your consciousness first with the power of appreciation, gratitude, and love, then the body-mind will transform faster than you ever thought possible. 

Key attitudes we want to take to heart are:

   being okay with what's going on within us.

Turns out that the flip side also works too:

   doesn't matter,
   don't care that it's there.

Try adopting these attitudes and see how it allows you to go beyond your blocks into something grander within.

photo by Clem Onojeghuo