This is meditation for smart people, taught smartly.

Because even if you're smart, sometimes you'd like to shut off your brain when you want to.

To have more  s p a c e  inside your head.

Feeling relaxed, calm, and in control of your life.

We all need meditation.

Full course - Sun Nov 7 - Bellingham


When you take a break from thinking and worrying, you will feel lighter and look younger

Get out of dark emotions, fast

When anxiety, depression or loss appear, you need to get back to feeling on-point as quick as can be

Tap Deeper Ideas

Meditation taps you into the source of your most inspired creativity, so why not go there more often?

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What makes this different?

  • It's in the self-transcending family of meditation, which is unlike mindfulness or Vipassana

  • You sit comfortably in chairs, not on the floor, nor in stress-inducing rigid postures

  • It's affordably by donation, without hidden charges nor endless upgrades

  • It's understandable, so you can feel confident about what you're doing and where you're going

  • It's sustainable, because it's gentle, effortless, and natural

  • It's customized to you, by you, and is not one-size-fits-all

  • It's time-efficient, taking you further than expected

  • It's charming to the mind at ever deeper levels, so you can't get bored

  • It's healing, undoing three root stresses of our modern life

  • It balances the mind and heart, making you as lovable as you are intelligent, or vice versa

  • It's deep, so that there's no glossing over the really important yet tricky stuff

  • It's usable anytime, with eyes open, even in pressure situations, when you need it the most

  • It's taught by an expert a former monk , and goes far beyond putting attention on the breath, visualization, or concentration

  • It's free of religious ties, gurus, nor hooks to join an organisation

  • And it's empowering, designed to make you free from the teacher 

  • Refreshing, isn't it?

We all need meditation

No one taught us how to use our mind growing up.

Not our parents, not our teachers—instead we were left to figure out our heads and hearts on our own.

Even though we're adults now, and are supposed to have it all together, yet if we're honest, we find ourselves getting wound up over petty stuff, needlessly worrying, feeling flat and disconnected, over-thinking things, or caught in a rut.

So how do we get out of itall at once?

Mental health is the missing puzzle piece, and drugs won't truly solve the root issue.

We all need a way to feel ourselves againto experience the deep peace and "joy for no reason" we used to have naturally as small children.

Meditation, when properly taught, does so much. It calms our mind and soothes our spirit. It clarifies, heals, connects, awakens, emboldens.

It does so much because it takes our awareness past thoughts and stresses to a larger, ignored aspect of ourselves.

This is the root of us. This is the fourth state of consciousness that sages, mystics and saints have alluded to. It is us.

The more we touch this space, the more we rest, recuperate, create anew. Our eyes sparkle again.

We become the person we always knew we could be.

We all need the benefits of meditation.