In all of my years of teaching meditation, I have never encountered such a dramatic medical reversal as this. Yes, this is a long letter, but it demonstrates the potential power of meditation and how it completely reversed Deniz's disabling headaches. Enjoy her deep wisdom. -Michael

Hi Michael,

I always believe in the power of sharing.  My story isn't “the one and won't be the last one :)

I started meditation as a necessity, just like others.... I was ill and sought a solution, and my last hope was meditation.  Because I was not really sure, yet looking for something thinking, “give it a chance, which was my last chance.  The BEST last.

Here is the beginning of my journey with doctors and trying to find a treatment along with meditation:

Before my headaches started, and CT/MRI scans showed a co-joined mass in my brain, I had a traumatic experience in my life.  It was months of sadness.

One day at work, I had a 9-out-of-10 headache such that I barely could walk straight, accompanied with right arm tingling symptoms.  I thought I was having some stroke-like event, and rushed myself to emergency.  That's how it all started.  The headaches never stopped for a good 1 year, same as my arm tingling, and all fingers unable to feel.

I was devastated by all of this going on—doctors not telling me anything except, keep living as you did before.  I didn't know how one could manage it all:  Problems?  Pain?  Being home like a disabled person?  Maybe forever disabled?  Was I dying?  Feeling alone in this journey?  All the emotions even?

After reading so many scientific/logical articles that depressed me, which wasn't helpful at all, nothing changed, just more struggle, more pain.  So I decided to listen my little self:

I tried so many things such as:  cut sugar. changing my diet 180 from a carnivore to vegan, extreme sports—everyday 2 to 4 hours.  Infused activity to work my blood stream better.  But still with everything, I was in pain.

Doctors were still playing a role in my treatment.  Prescriptions that normally help headaches—never did for mine—increased in doses in order to control my pain.  But seeing no change was pushing me to do something else.

One day I was introduced to a Meditation technique thanks to Michael where I was taken by my close friend.  I tried meditation before, but never had been able to do it on a regular basis.  I had my own journeys with different techniques, but never been able to have a hold of what is going on internally.  Since I had this new technique, I noticed a big shift in my life:

My journey opened gates that I never explored in me, and showed endless possibilities in one practice.  Now I have 0 headaches, unless I want to have one.  I am still on the same amount of medication, and missed medication doesn't cause any problems at all in comparison to previous years.

Note:  I know from people who take the same prescription that once it is missed, the results show as major headaches.

Meditation will somehow cause you to lead your path through your energy soul, body and mind.  In your own silence is your presence, and you get to link to many more possibilities, in other words, widen your horizon.  And it constantly expands afterwards, like the universe as we call it, the more you tap into it the more you will get to see things.

Meditation teaches you how to breathe through the gates of life.

It is found anywhere, in anything, in all ways.

It will be you!

However, I realized this:

So many times I think we people see each other as walking structures, not souls or minds, yet we speak from mind, live from soul.  Meditation restructures everything and rewires many things that weren't visible to you.

My results from MRI just came in and I am good to go.  I have no cancer, no development with the mass in my brain.

~Deniz, sales, Vancouver, BC