Awareness Hack #9

If there's one thing that will make meditating feel more satisfying (even though we don't have expectations), it's...

Awareness loves being aware.

Just loves it!

So why not give it what it wants? 

Right! Let's do that....

Take a moment right now–yes now, it's so simple–and..take a step back and observe the mind.

Sure, right now. 




Yep, that's it. It's exactly like you're taking a step back and watching yourself.



Can you do it? 


This is waking up the mind.

It's like you become clearer.


More calm, in control.

So... just do this more often.

Like during your day's activities. Just take a step back. And lightly hold it. 

Or when you meditate, instead of throwing your star phrases into your mind until the body-mind settles down, first take a step back and observe the whole mind

Observe until you sense the observing "clicking in". Pause for a moment, don't rush. Then gently introduce your star phrase from this state of "observing it all" awareness.

It shouldn't feel like work. It should be effortless. You may find that you actually enjoy this. 

So your task is to set the intention to practice this. Then tell me how you feel about "awareness loves being aware."