Prior to meditation, I was very stressed. In my effort to find peace and quiet, I tried floating. But forcing myself to stay still in a float tank only frustrated me. My mind wouldn’t shut down. I was annoyed that my head wasn’t supported, my foot would graze the edge as my body drifted and I was in complete darkness, which aggravated my thoughts even more. I could not relax.

Then I decided to take Michael’s class. The first few attempts at meditating were just as discouraging as floating. I never understood what “observe the mind” meant and I could not imagine that there could be “space” between thoughts. Then Michael explained how the mind works and that there is an alternative to “chewing on thoughts”. I followed his techniques and began meditating daily, even just for 10 minutes.

Gradually, I noticed that my mind slowed down. I was no longer obsessed with every thought. I let them pass. The “gap” between thoughts became greater. And more importantly, after meditation, I felt amazing. So I began to meditate longer. Now, I have developed a regular practice. I luxuriate in stillness for about an hour each day. In addition to feeling calmer, I am a much better person to be around. Thank you, Michael.

~name held by request