Earlier this year, I was having a really hard time. I felt like everything was breaking; I started to feel like I was breaking. My body was actually shaking.

I had the good fortune of attending an introduction to Michael Persimmon's meditation class, and I knew immediately that this was just what I needed. I signed up.

I quickly stabilized. I saw things as they really were, without my own worries and fears making them worse. I slept far better than I ever had. I developed a groundedness and self-assuredness I'm not sure I've had before.

My Dad had his stroke caused by the chemo in the middle of the course, in the part where we don't have classes for over a month. I continued my daily meditation practise throughout his relatively quick dying process, even during my frequent trips back to Ottawa to be with him. I had a clarity and insight that amazed the people close to me, and I remained stable and clear at the end and after.

I attribute two courses to my current phenomenal business success. This is one of them. The other one is about money, and that one didn't start working for me until I did this one.

This style of meditation is very, very different than any others I've seen. I've tried many different kinds of meditation before, and this is the only one I've been able to do. Not to mention, Michael gives fantastic support.

His next class is starting in 2 weeks. I would recommend it to anyone.

~name held by request