Online Meditation Retreat / Boot Camp

05/23/2021 10:30 to 05/30/2021 23:55 (America/Vancouver)

Bellingham, United States

What would happen if you meditated until the peace became more real than the thoughts?

A meditation retreat you can do at home and with others online

a one week, radical, inward, personal experiment

We're all languishing in thoughts and emotions we prefer not to have.

From a spiritual point of view, the only truly effective way to shake off a languishing, depressive state is to raise one's consciousness

By replacing the habit of chewing on every thought that crosses our mind with something else—something that's much more profound to the mind and heart—we can then facilitate a shift towards "unity consciousness", a natural state of peaceful oneness. 

The problem is that in our culture, we are not given the direction and opportunity to affect this change.  

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That's why I created this virtual meditation retreat so that you can step off of the treadmill, or at least feel like you're doing so, along with others to cheer you on.

And of course, I created this so that you can experience the kind of complete transformation that happens when you truly take the time to touch the Infinite.

What would happen if you meditated until the peace became more real than the thoughts?

So join me for an online meditation retreat / boot camp.  This one week, accelerated pace, at-home event will begin with a gentle review of the basics along with an update to your initial training. 

Even if you feel that meditation doesn't work for you, this review + update will make it easier than before. 

What comes out of a meditation retreat?

As a result of this accelerated meditation program, large blocks of stress are healed, repetitive thinking is slashed, and a deep calm is overlaid onto one's life.  This welcome peace and clarity carries us through the day, changing lives.

Take this opportunity to re-experience your inherent oneness with the Universe and have radiant mental and emotional health.

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Connection is a quality of the soul. Feeling connected to the Universe, to others, to one's place in life—these feelings arise not from finite things, but from the soul.

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Lightness & Joy

These envelop you unexpectedly and naturally because the soul, by its very nature, is lightness, joy and peace.

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As we meditate and move away from identifying with the body, becoming more aware of our infinite soul self, we'll naturally feel a "nothing is wrongness because of so much fullness".

"Okay, what is my commitment?"

Your part is to:

  1. Commit to setting aside time to meditate each day in a quiet spot in your home for one week, at a time of your choosing:

    How much time?  Starting at 30 minutes and increasing by 30 minutes each day until you are meditating for 120 minutes a day, breaking it up into pieces—remember, this commitment is just for one week and is designed to quickly shift your consciousness in a rapid time frame.  Don't worry, you can do it with everyone cheering you on and the time just flies by!  

    Besides, what else are you going to do with your free time?  Watch "The Bachelor" again?  All I'm asking is to re-prioritize all disposable entertainment for just one week.

    I also want you to discover that the time you invest into having eyes closed will be returned by being more productive and happier throughout your day;

  2. Then relax into meditating without expectation of how and when the effects will unfold;

  3. Commit to checking into a private group chat (undecided method) on how you're feeling and to receive my support.  This will only take minutes;

  4. Commit to the 3 video chats:

    first Sunday morning, 10:30am - 12:15 — the boot camp + meditation
    Wednesday evening, 8:30pm - 9:00 — a 30 minute meditation
    last Sunday morning, 10:30am- 11:30 — the follow up
    if you can't because of time zones or work schedule, let me know and I'll brainstorm with you;

  5. After the week is up, adjust the amount of time you meditate so that you can extend your newfound, peaceful soul experience. We can continue the group support if the desire is there.

Yes, just like a retreat, there is indeed a commitment, and it is going to require some creative time shuffling.

So what would happen if you meditated until the peace became more real than the thoughts?

And the cost?

Since all of my work is by donation,  if by the end you feel that this online retreat has changed your life, then a donation is appreciated.  There is no "suggested donation" as it's not my business to make assumptions about your financial statuswhat feels right for you is right for me. 

That said, I do ask for $10 fee to cover administrative costs and indicate your intention to participate fully.


From 05/23/2021 10:30
To 05/30/2021 23:55

(three six oh) 594-8457
hello at needmeditation dot com

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