Finally! A new website!

It only took... 5 years?

So I began this journey of teaching not while I was a monk, oddly enough. I don't count that. See, I was pushed into teaching--I really didn't want to. The monks were brilliant at some things, but lazy teachers of teachers.

And when I came out of the monkhood, I just wanted not to think about it for a long time, as teaching wasn't enjoyable. I just didn't grasp it.

But then some friends said they wanted to learn to meditate, and knowing what I knew about how transformative meditation could be, when properly taught, well, how could I say no?

So I put up a slap-dash website called "" and suffered through its technical limitations (don't get me started on PHP... ugh). All while thinking I should create something better myself, because I'm a talented programmer and I can do anything, right?

But I had better things to do with my time. So when I laid my eyes on this beautiful, excellent, powerful open-source system called Odoo, I exclaimed to myself, "Finally! Just the way I'd write it if I had the time and money!"

So here's the first post on my new Odoo-powered site and I already love it! Experienced programmers recognize quality when they see it. They can practically feel the mindset of the other programmer through the screen. I'm so excited to see how this incredibly powerful Odoo platform is going to help me to do all the things that made me feel stopped before.

Okay, teaching... let's go!