Why we must reconnect to our soul self

or our cluttered minds will inevitably become depressed

I realize everyone is burnt out from working at home, feeling disconnected, and probably even burnt out from burnout. 

Through it all, I've been wanting to say there's a completely different way of approaching mental and emotional health that everyone seems to be missing.  As with all spiritual solutions, it isn't obvious.

Let's challenge some assumptions

Did you know that you can still be in a lockdown yet feel connection at any time to the Universe—even without others being around?

Did you know that you can have a genuine feeling of lightness and joy that buoys you up into good cheer—even without access to your normal freedoms? 

And did you know that you can also feel complete—without crossing anything off of your bucket list?

Strangely, counter-intuitively, it's yes, yes, yes.

It's just that none of these can be achieved by reading another "How I made it" article or by micro-managing feelings like an accountant at a spreadsheet.

The mind will never give a salient answer because the truly satisfying result we want doesn't come from the level of the mind.

We are soul seekers. Our destination is inward. Because only a spiritual solution will reach the depths of the issue.

Feelings, the Language of the Soul

The wholly desired feeling of connection naturally appears when we are with loved ones.  And it's easy to mistake our bodies with who we are and then assume that any desirable feeling comes from the body when other bodies are around.  Yet bodies are fundamentally separate by default.  By contrast, it is our infinite self that is eternally united with everything, and when we tap into that, we are connected by default.

In other words, connection is a quality of the soul.  Feeling connected to the Universe, to others, to one's place in life—these feelings arise not from finite things, but from The Infinite Itself.

What about lightness and joy?  Are they soul borne too?  Even if an unmovable force like The Government stops us from moving freely, our feeling of lightness and joy can still grow from within.  We're never diminished when we're tapped into our soul self, because the soul by its nature is lightness, joy and peace.

Feeling complete is a soul quality as well.  Our soul self, lacking a body, is without need for anything and without limitations on time or space.  As we meditate and move away from identifying with the body, becoming more aware of this infinite self, we'll naturally feel this "nothing is wrongness because of so much fullness".

In actuality, to analyze or compare this state to anything else would only engage the pipsqueak thinking mind and instantly drop the expanded experience.  This is partly why we meditate, so we can practice resting in this grander state, without indulging the need to do anything with it.

Truly, we must reconnect to our soul self, or our cluttered minds will inevitably become depressed—with or without a global lockdown.  It's just that a lockdown will accelerate this conclusion.

The answer is simple.  Go within.  Meditate.  Touch your infinite soul self daily.

An opportunity to shift into soul consciousness

It's one thing to talk about this, but it's another to experience it.  That's why I've created a one week online meditation retreat / boot camp
It's about effortlessly shifting from languishing thoughts and emotions into the positive soul feelings we all crave:  connection, lightness, joy, wholeness, and peace.

It's based around this question:

What would happen if you meditated until the peace became more real than the thoughts?