Meditation always likes to play the “I’ll trade you game”

Meditation says, "oh you have awful judgementsI'll trade you self-compassion for that."

Meditation goes, "oh you have lack thoughtsI'll trade you an inner fullness for that. (No worries, I have an endless supply.)"

Meditation continues, "oh you have heavy grievances? No problem! I'll gladly trade you forgiveness for that. See? Right here in my pocket."

"You have separation anxietyI'll trade you unity consciousness for it any day of the week."

"Got stressExcellent! I'll trade you the raw peace I've got right over here. You're doing me a favour, it's bubbling up everywhere."

"You've got blocks in your creativity? Whoa, it's uncanny you mentioned that, but I'll trade you the best solutions you ever had."

"You're feeling depressed and trapped? Well, look at this, I'll trade you for aliveness, hope and possibility. Doesn't that feel comforting?" 

And then with all your effusive fullness, you ask Meditation, "why on Earth, day after day, do you keep giving me the best things and taking my junkiest junk-junk?"

Meditation smiles and responds, "You make it sound like a chore. All these glorious states of being are intrinsic qualities of What You Are. I only trade illusions for reality."