What stress does to consciousness

or when meditation doesn't feel the way we expect

Perpetual Infinite consciousness” is where you have the peace of the Infinite nearly continuously.  Small children experience this.

You would naturally and easily fall into this “perpetual Infinite consciousness” state if it wasn’t for one significant thing...


It’s not until we sit down...

close our eyes...

and begin to meditate...

...that we notice just how much stress is inside our minds and bodies.

We may not even think we’re stressed, but it’s only because our culture isn’t inherently healthy and we’re used to the frazzle.

As it turns out, stress has become our “new normal”.

So when someone teaches us to meditate, and then it doesn’t... quite... feel... the way... we expect, and we go "grrr".

It’s juMpY
It’s irritable @#$!% 
It’s “getting lost ... in ... thinking”
It’s noticing all the little body aches that we’ve been trying to ignore   O_o
It's pouting  >_< 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

But just wait!

Keep meditating and what happens? The stress burns off after about a half hour--45 minutes.

Then what’s there?

Only the incredibleness of the stillness of the Infinite. Or the first taste of "perpetual infinite consciousness".

It’s absolutely delicious.

It absolutely transforms us from the inside out.

And it’s always there, like home, waiting for us to rest back into It.

"Can I have that?", you say.

Of course! If you've taken a 4 week course, you have the skills, the understanding, and the experience of time collapsing while meditating.

So it's simple! It just requires a touch of wisdom and persisting a little longer in your meditations to offset the daily influx of stress.

Yes, you can do it! Share your journey, the bumps and successes!