The Insight Timer app is great!

If you've been wanting to create a more consistent meditation habit, and also stay in touch with me and other meditators, then you should know about this.

The Insight Timer app a very cool tool to help you create a lasting meditation habit by always having someone to meditate with and receive encouragement.

I've been debating whether or not to have a Facebook group, but not everyone is on Facebook, and even then, not every notification gets through. Add to the fact that Facebook is a noisy and distracting environment--it's not the most ideal space for raising consciousness!

So when Jason recommended this app, I gave it shot and I think you should too.

It starts as a simple timer for your meditations. In the picture on the left, that's the darker screen.

But then you'll find it also tracks your meditations and acts as a form of self-quantifiable feedback.

I've already heard from two meditators who said having a built-in tracker has motivated them to continue with their practise. 

I just received a note saying, "Hey Michael, Thanks for recommending this app. It's proven to be the best I've tried and makes it easy to stay motivated! 18 consecutive days and counting!" Isn't that wonderful?

And after you're done meditating, it takes you to a screen where you can see everyone meditating with you locally and elsewhere on the planet It's so cool!

You can tap on a random person's picture and tap the "Thanks for meditating with me" button. Or tap the "friend" button. So you'll always have someone to meditate with to give and receive encouragement :)

It's free and I've even made a "I Need Meditation" group within the app for us to stay connected.

Find the free Insight Timer app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

And then use it to time your meditations and the rest will become evident.