The 5 Natural Emotions

It is said that we all are born with two fears baked in: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises

As we evolve, we come to recognise our 5 natural emotions:

  • grief — when we lose something, big or small, before we were ready to let it go

  • anger — when we deal with disappointment

  • envy — when we want something others have

  • fear — a survival mechanism when there is a threat of pain or danger

  • love — when we are expressing, connecting, and belonging

We all have these 5 natural emotions, and they aren’t a problem if they’re expressed and pushed out.

The problem only occurs when we aren’t allowed to express them. Then the stuffed emotions distort into unhealthy versions:

  • grief ➙ chronic depression

  • anger ➙ rage

  • envy ➙ jealousy

  • fear ➙ panic

  • love ➙ possessiveness

So now we meditate... 

...and it can happen that old, stuffed emotions may bubble up to the surface. 

That's perfectly okay.

None of that stuff was sustainable to have pushed down and ignored anyway.

When you allow your meditation techniques to do their work and make paths for the stuffed emotions to heal, you’ll feel freer, lighter, and genuinely happier.

The watchwords are allow and accept whatever happens naturally.

Then trust that the greatest vision of you is just underneath all of that, waiting to come out and ....