... To my surprise Michael's first session was incredible. I wasn't expecting results as quickly and it was just what I needed. I was able to use his methods to quieten a hyper active bullying inner voice and move along. My rut had been snapped. For the first time in a great many months, I was able to think clearly and without disparaging thoughts ... (read more)

~Jonathan, sculptor, Vancouver, BC

... I attribute two courses to my current phenomenal business success. This is one of them. The other one is about money, and that one didn't start working for me until I did this one.

This style of meditation is very, very different than any others I've seen. I've tried many different kinds of meditation before, and this is the only one I've been able to do. Not to mention, Michael gives fantastic support.... (read more)

~name held by request

I'm noticing less anxiety, less taking things personally, more confidence, a greater clarity of what my goals are, and even a greater confidence in my willingness and ability to meditate consistently.

~Jason, student, Vancouver, BC 

Prior to meditation, I was very stressed.... Then I decided to take Michael’s class... Gradually, I noticed that my mind slowed down. I was no longer obsessed with every thought. ... And more importantly, after meditation, I felt amazing. So I began to meditate longer. 

Now, I have developed a regular practice. I luxuriate in stillness for about an hour each day. In addition to feeling calmer, I am a much better person to be around.... (read more)

~name held by request

... I got far more than I expected from Michael’s course. What I expected was a solid grounding on meditation technique. What I got was a much richer meditation experience than I imagined possible, a really simple circuit breaker for patterns of negative thinking and a doorway has opened to a quite different way of engaging with the world.... (read more)

~Simon, Sustainability manager, Australia

.... For the first time in my life I look forward to meditating! (I didn't even know that was possible!!) ... I feel like a different person afterwards, calmer and more trusting. I would recommend this technique to anyone looking for a sustainable practice, struggling with stress, or who just wants to feel good again. (read more)

~Simone, singer/child care, Vancouver, BC

It Will Change Your Life! I have seen amazing improvement in clarity, focus and creativity. My relationship with others has improved in ways I did not think was possible.

~Charlene, bookkeeper, Vancouver, BC

I am so glad you helped me start my meditation practice. It has opened me up to slowly but surely become a more peaceful, grounded, happy, calmer, still a bit of an edge but becoming the self-assured confident women I am supposed to be.

~Marce, entrepreneur/single mom, White Rock, BC

I'm more aware, more present at work. Or I'm in the bank just watching everyone getting frustrated, but not joining them.... I can't imagine not doing it. There's a peace that's always there, a peaceful calmness, like sitting back.

~Johnny, musician, Los Angeles, CA

I've been wanting to write you to express my gratitude for this meditation you taught me. I can hardly believe I'm still practising a year later and what's more, I'm meditating for a half hour three times a day (going on four weeks now). I'm celebrating the follow through and commitment I've succeeded in!! 

I'm so grateful for this practise.... It has greatly increased the peace I experience and I trust has many rippling underground effects I'm not fully conscious of.... (read more)

~name held by request

Please excuse my language as I've had a beer:

Michael you glorious bastard, this fucking meditation is too fucking amazing and powerful. It is god damned changing too many things that I can hardly believe are possible. God damn!

Thank You,

~name obviously held by request, a local, public restaurant owner