Meditation for Creatives

A meditation course

especially designed

for the creative professional

to thrive in their

personal & work lives

Meditation is safe self-medication

Use it anytime

No need to wait to get home to de-stress.
Use it in the moment when you need it most.

Won't fog your brain

 So you won't ever get hungover or wasted.

Gets to the root

Since the mind is so powerful, why not start there for positive change?

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A different way

Even if you've tried meditation and failed before, this approach is different...

Sustainably different.

Gently different.

Can't do it wrong different.


Let a retired monk teach you a new way to meditate...

A way that will transform you from the inside out.

Taking your career to a deeper level.

Because you will deepen yourself.


This meditation is not what you're expecting...


no sitting on the floor no obtuse philosophies
no yoga no gurus
no postures no focusing on the breath
no chanting no visualizations
no spiritual lingo No. Sketchy. Stuff.

How refreshing!


All while sitting comfortably in a chair...?


...and accompanied with
exotic dark chocolates??


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    Sign up now! 

... and learn the one skill that will simultaneously transform your...  

emotional balance
mental focus
physical stress
 romantic, family & professional relationships

... plus deepen your spirituality too!

And since this is by donation, there's nothing to lose
(except your stress, that is)

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